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Tomas Michaud is a world class guitarist, recording artist, and music educator. He is the owner and Music Director of the SF Bay Area’s premier music education facility, Starland Music Center in Alameda, CA. As a Music Educator he has taught or consulted with thousands of students and instructors over the past thirty years. He is credited with developing the Starland Guitar System – a unique , systematic  approach to learning to play guitar with ease and confidence. In addition he is the author of six CDs of Contemporary Instrumental World Music including his latest top ten charting “Beauty and Fire”.


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  1. PAVAN
    4 years ago

    Sir, Rather than telling i am beginner, i can say i am new to music world. I would like to learn guitar. So i have done basic research and came to know Acoustic are the best for beginners. Now the problem i had it is very common, Choosing guitar in my budget of best quality and brand. I know as high expensive as the quality but i cannot afford expensive. So suggest me best. I am from India and i am thinking to buy Epiphone DR 100 or Yamaha FG730S as you suggest.

  2. Rou
    4 years ago

    Dear Thomas, you are the lord of guitarists and teachers, your method for teaching is fantastic and I just see each of your videos twice and third time I can play it myself, you are number one, I wish I where near you and could come to you and learn of you face to face but still via your videos I clearly underestand what you are teaching us, thankkkkk yoouuuu, you are the master . If you ever came to England do not book a hotel ,my flat is yours as long as you want.

    • admin
      4 years ago

      Hey Rou,

      You’re offer is overwhelming. The pleasure is mine. Who knows, one of these days – we can jam together. Let’s crossed our fingers 🙂
      Thank you so much for believing and for trusting me and my lessons. As long as I can, I won’t stop giving you lessons that are easy to follow and so easy to learn.

      Take care,

  3. Steve dyer
    3 years ago

    What guitar are you using in the videos

  4. Hans K
    3 years ago

    Toma’s, I just watched one of your videos on YouTube and really enjoyed it. I was a bassist both acoustic and electric but want your opinion on how I get used to the tiny strings and spacing on guitars? It sounds crazy but I play jazz horn lines on my electric basses but am grossly sloppy even when strumming chords! The newest person to guitar would probably have an easier time of it than me! I am planning on coming here often to learn from you so any of your thoughts on this would be great. Thanks for your time Tomas !