Guitar Chords for Beginners #14 – House Of The Rising Sun

guitar chords for beginners 14

Hi there. Tomas Michaud here. This is my Guitar Chords for Beginner video #14.

Boy, we’ve been rolling right along.In Guitar Chords for Beginners #14 we’re going to do a chord progression today that is the main chords used in the song “House Of The Rising Sun”.  We’re going to practice four of the common chords that we’ve been learning. It goes like this, start with E, G, A and C. Do it with me again. E, G, A and C. Let’s do it with a simple strum. Down, down, up, down, up, down, up. One measure each, one measure is four beats. One, two, three, go. E, G, A and C.

Time To Start Cleaning Up The Chords

How are those chords sounding by the way? Let’s check them out, E, play for me a nice, clean note. G, A, the bass of A is that fifth string and C, fifth string again. That will become important pretty soon. E, the low sixth string is the bass note, G it’s the sixth string, A and C.

Ready For The 3 Finger G Chord?

Okay, if you’re still making the G like this where it’s just your third finger, it’s time to stretch it over because you need that bass note for the next few videos. Okay, let’s do it again. Ready, E, strum, G, and A ending on C. Good.

Thank you for sharing this with me. Short lesson but practice it. It will become valuable in the next video. Look forward to seeing you there. Take care.


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