Guitar Chords for Beginners #3 – Changing Chords D-A7-G

changing between the D - G and A7 guitar chords


The Key Is Learning To Move From One Chord To Another

This is video number 3. Now in the last few lessons we learned three chords, the D, the A7 and the G chord. We’re going to put it together. The main skill to learn is how to change from chord to chord. Let’s start with a D chord. Go and finger the D chord from straight down, move over to A7 first two strings over, back over to the D chord you move the first two fingers in the center of the fretboard.

Moving To The G Chord

Now the G chord. You can make any version of the G we talked about in lesson two. I’m using a three-finger G, back to D. Do the G again, back to D, A7 and back to D. Now we’re going to do an exercise I like to do with these three chords.

Chord Movement Exercise



It’s going to go G and do two strums down, D two strums down, A7 two strums down and D two strums down. Let’s do it, start with a D. Ready, go. To G, strum with me, back to D go to A7, back to D, G, back to D, A7. Let’s do it one more time. Ready, go. D, G, D, A7 back to D, G, D and A7 and then down to D. Okay, you want to practice that enough so that you can do it without pausing.

What To Avoid…

No pausing. Go as slow as you need to to get that change in time, right on the beat. I like to use the metronome sometimes to make a pulse. One, two, change, right down the pulse. Okay, practice that up and you’ll be ready for the next video. Thank you for joining me. If you’d like some more guitar tips you can find them at I put a bunch of lessons and extra tips and I’m adding things every day. Hope to see you there. Take care.


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