Guitar Chords for Beginners #7 – Chord Families D G A7

guitar chords for beginners 7

Review: D, G and A7As I promised in this video we’re going to start Guitar Chords for Beginners number 7, we’re going to start with chord families. The first thing I want to go through is that first three chords we learned, the D, go ahead and play along, play the D chord with me. Hopefully you start getting cleaner, A7 and the G chord. If you started with a simpler version like the first finger, you might want to start right now and learn the next step up. If you’re doing the first finger, the next step would be the stretching the second finger over and if you’re doing that you might want to try the three-finger G.

Chord Families – I – IV – V

Here’s the chord family, three chords, D, G, and A7 and D. D is the one chord, G is the four chord, A7 is the five chord and D is the one chord. Now we’ll go more into that in a later video but you can just count to figure out which chord is which. D if it’s a one chord, D, E, F, G is four, then after G comes A. By the way, the musical alphabet only goes A to G and it starts over. There’s no ABCFG… H. No H chord. D, four chord is G, five chord is A7 and D number one. Let’s play together, we do that strum down, down, up, down, down, up. Ready, go. Okay to G, A7 and D then D, G, A7 and D. Let’s mix it up, go to G. G, D, A7 and then D.

Common Patterns Sound Familiar

You could tell it sounds like some familiar song because there are millions of songs made with those three chords. Now in the next video I’m going to have to show you a song just as an example, something you could practice to practice that chord family and get that sound in your head. It will help you learn many, many more songs in the future.

Thanks for spending this time with me. If you’d like to see some more tips and lessons go to my blog, It’s all free and I look forward to seeing you there. Take care. See you in the next video.



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  1. Tiare
    5 years ago

    Je suis encore là…épatant

  2. Arth
    5 years ago

    You say “By the way, the musical alphabet only goes A to G and it starts over. There’s no ABCFG… H. No H chord.”

    This is either ignorant or ethnocentric. In most of Europe, what you call B, they call H.
    Why? It’s called H to allow upper case to be used for major and lower case for minor, without confusing it with flat. The exception is b alone, which means Bb/A#.

    So if you broaden your horizon, you may encounter both a H chord and h chord. Play them like US B Major and B Minor.