Guitar Chords for Beginners #4 – A and E

guitar chords beginners - E major A major

Welcome back. In this lesson, this mini guitar lesson, Guitar Chords for Beginners number 4, we’re going to… We’ve just done three chords, change the D, A7 and G. Now we’re going to add another chord. This is the E chord. Take a look at that.

The E Major Chord

That’s the first finger on the third string, first fret. I’m stretching my second finger over to the fifth string, second fret and then the third finger is on the fourth string, second fret. E. E major would be another name for that. Go and take your fingers off, shake it out and place them back on. Go with the first finger, second finger, fifth string and on the fourth string, third finger.


Are All The Strings Sounding?

Make sure all the strings are sounding. This goes for all the chord. In this case, every string should sound. You hear this? It means your finger is not quite in the right place. You want to get it close to the fret on these little metal bars but not on top of it. If it’s on top it will “fret out”, we call it. Now it’s ringing. Too far and it will start buzzing. Okay? Shake it out, play with the E chord again. Shake it out, again. I’m shaking it out to keep you relaxed. If you get too tight you want to stop and release. You don’t want to develop a habit of tension. Okay, one more chord, let’s do it.

The A Major chord

It looks like the A7 only instead of the first and second finger using three fingers, move that second finger over to the third string and add the third finger on the second string. Now you’re covering the second, third and fourth strings all in the second fret. That’s A. There are many ways to make this A chord. Let’s just stick with one for right now. Shake it out, play it again. See that’s E major we play and A major.


That’s it for this little mini guitar lesson. I keep adding things so I’m hoping you’re paying attention. Take care.



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