Jingle-Bells – Basic Guitar Notes And Chords

Christmas Guitar Notes Play-A-Long

Here’s some note reading practice with a traditional Christmas song  for the holidays. At the end I go over the chords as well.

Learning to read guitar notes can be a lot of fun. The trick is to keep at it a little at a time and find lots of songs that are at your skill level.

In this video I’m doing what I would do with you if I were teaching you in person – giving you a chance to do keep up with a steady pulse without stopping or slowing down.

How To Read Guitar Notes

A good way to approach a note reading song is:

1. go over the notes from beginning to end, then

2. Go back an play the song very slowly without stopping or slowing down

3. Go back and practice just the parts that you had problems with

4. Repeat step #2 until you can play all the way through

5. Pick up speed little by little until it’s at the appropriate speed for that song

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