Sevilla Chords And Melody – Play Spanish Guitar New Flamenco


You can learn to play Spanish guitar by watching and playing along with this video and one’s like it.

This is the complete song title “Sevilla” from my New World Flamenco Jazz CD. This song is a good example of this genre of music and uses the Rumba Flamenco rhythm and a clear melody.


Beginners Play Spanish Guitar – Level 1

If you’re in the earlier stages of learning try playing the chord progression along with the video. First, play the chords straight down and try to get the changes in time. Then add the Rumba rhythm. Work on one section at a time and use the chord chart (see link below) to help with the changes.


Play Spanish Guitar More Advanced – Level 2

When you are ready try playing a few licks from the melody. I’d recommend starting with a few notes from the chorus because it’s easiest to remember. Don’t worry about getting every note correctly. Just the effort will improve your playing.

If I get enough people requesting I’ll write out some notes from the chorus, but don’t underestimate the value of figuring it out by watching and listening. In the music world we call the “ear training”. I spend many hours as a youth listening to records and trying to play the notes without any visual cue. Hard work, but it really paid off.

Good luck 🙂


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Download Sevilla Chord Chart here:

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  1. Mike
    4 years ago

    Hey Tomas! Always great to get your music packed updates. Glad to know there is a name for it..”Ear Training”. I try to get Sevilla but it’s too far over my head right now. One thing though; Since last June-July I have been practicing one song, Malaquena. Initially it went pitifully slow. But vowing to give it a full year-until next May Cinco De Mayo, I kept working at this one song. Also I listened to the many renditions of the song on You Tube. As I improved, I began to hear little nuances or phrases and tried to work them into my simple version. Here, five months later, I can play the song through, less dependent on tabs, and more on what I heard. Open high E, Hammer On E1, Open B and G1- played quickly is a very nice Spanish Riff. So along the way, I not only learned this one song, but all of other lessons, particularly yours, begin to build momentum. I pass this along so others might like to try the one song technique while working in “your studio”. Thanks Tomas.


  2. wes wessels
    4 years ago

    Hey Tomas… I appreciate your offer to send out the licks from the melody. Any and all music and guidance you give is welcomed You truly are a God sent; I love your music. I just wish I was half as good…. and could do justice to your master pieces.


    • admin
      4 years ago

      Hello Wes,

      I am so overwhelmed with all what you’ve said. Thanks for loving my music as well. Don’t worry though because with constant practice you will not just as half as good but would be a guitar player that you long to be.


  3. Alan C
    4 years ago

    Sevilla – What a beautiful piece of music. Even if I can’t play this, it is great to listen to. Makes you want to move & dance!

    • admin
      4 years ago

      Hi Alan,

      Definitely! It is also a joy for me whenever I listen to this piece of music.
      I’m glad that you like it.


  4. Alfredo Menocal
    4 years ago

    Hi Tomas,

    I look forward to your new Spanish Flamenco Style course for beginners. I would love to take lessons from you. You are a great guitarist and musician. It would be an honor to learn from you. Please let know once you have it available.



    • admin
      4 years ago

      Hi Alfredo,

      My heartfelt gratitude for loving my lessons and for considering me as a great guitarist, I am so flattered.
      I will surely let you know when my Spanish Flamenco Style course for beginners will be available.
      I am trying my very best to finish it as soon as possible.

      Once again, thank you.


  5. nozar mohseni
    3 years ago

    hi :
    Very Nice .
    Tnx. nozar m.