Spanish Guitar Chord Progression in A minor

This is a Spanish sounding  progression that I use often as the foundation for improvising. A side note: the classic rock song “Stairway to Heaven” uses this progression in the same key for the solo section (well – very close).

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  1. ian
    6 years ago

    upload some more flamenco guitar lessons plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Edward
    6 years ago

    This was very cool but I agree with Ian about posting flamenco lessons though, I have been anxiously waiting. You do good work and I am glad that you are sharing it with all of us.

  3. Frank
    6 years ago

    This was very interesting, I have actually heard that in “Stairway to Heaven now that you point it out. I was watching your video and you make it look so simple. How do you teach over the internet though just by videos alone? I like the concept but it just doesn’t seem productive really. Do people have to pay for these lessons? How much do you charge for a lesson?

  4. Genaro
    6 years ago

    That was a very informative easy to follow lesson on your video. Before it was over I really sounded like a Spanish guitar playing fool. Thank you for pointing out that it is in many songs like “Stairway to Heaven I had to get the CD out and listen to it again. That was awesome being able to really follow along and even play along with it a little.

  5. Jeanne
    6 years ago

    I was watching your video and you make it look so simple. Teaching over the internet can’t be that easy, how much do you charge people for your video lessons? I was thinking this might be good for my grandson because he is always on the internet anyway he might as well be getting something productive out of it. Thank you for this post, that song brought back memories.

  6. Brain
    6 years ago

    You do great work and I am glad that you are posting it all for us so that we can try and learn along with the video. I was reading other comments left by people and I was wondering what the flamenco lessons are. Is this something that is easy to learn as well? It seems that there are a few people that would like to see them again or additions to them anyway.

  7. Kristi
    6 years ago

    That was awesome being able to really follow along and even play along with “Stairway to Heaven a little. I had no idea that this same progression was in so many different songs. Thank you for posting this you made it really easy to follow along with and to learn so that I could do it even with out you playing it with me. I am having so much fun with this.

  8. Son
    6 years ago

    I think this is so cool, I never realized or paid attention to the fact that this progression was in that song, or any others for that matter. This was amazing and I love the idea that you are teaching this for free on the internet just by watching the little video. Which by the way you put together very well, the close-ups of your hands and what they are doing really helps.

  9. Marcel
    6 years ago

    I watched your other post about the Spanish cords and I have learned so much already I can’t wait to try this one as well. You have blessed me with this because I have always wanted to take lessons and couldn’t afford them right now with the economy the way it is, so when I stumbled upon this I watched the videos and I had to get my guitar out and follow along.

  10. George
    6 years ago

    My son was in his room the other day and he was playing his guitar, which is something he hasn’t done in awhile and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He was going through the progression that you posted here and he was doing it very well. Thank you for doing this it brought him out of his shell of video games and back into real life.

  11. Wilma
    6 years ago

    I never thought guitar lessons could be so enjoyable. This is obviously coming from a first time babe to guitar playing. Sometimes, a completely fresh perspective is what is needed in order to improve teaching methods such as guitar lessons (especially when being presented online). And I would say that it would be most helpful if there was a diagram of all the bars/sections of the guitar labeled by letter/number. I suppose the complete course has this.

  12. arnold
    5 years ago

    Thanks, enjoyed this quick lesson.You are a great instructor.

  13. Mike
    4 years ago

    Always the master Tomas. Good to see this one again. That chord change (with eyes closed) is the pay off for this lesson- not to mention the nice sound. Gets two hours today. Good one!

  14. Peter
    4 years ago

    Thanks for your great approach to teaching. It allows me to find more joy in playing.

    • admin
      4 years ago

      My sincere thanks, Peter. I’d like you to know that I’d find MORE joy upon knowing that people like you find joy in playing. The more I appreciate my passion in teaching guitar lessons. 🙂